with the collaboration of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)


The Journal of Agricultural Machinery considers and publishes original peer-reviewed research bilingual articles (Persian and English) from the results of experimental research, theoretical analysis and modeling (numerical and experimental) in all technical aspects of agricultural machinery and equipment (in farm and off farm) including: farm machinery, agricultural processing, and industries related to the processing of agricultural byproducts, horticulture, animal husbandry and fishery. Special interest and emphasis are given to the applied interdisciplinary articles considering agricultural engineering systems with environmental consideration and sustainable production.

  • Agricultural waste management
  • Bioenergy
  • Nanotechnology (packaging films, biocomposites, solar cells)
  • Agricultural systems engineering (greenhouse, fish farming, mushroom production)
  • Special machines (livestock, food industry)
  • Design and Construction
  • Modeling
  • Image processing
  • Precision farming
  • Post-harvest technologies
  • The relationship between machine and soil


The Journal of Agricultural Machinery aims to promote the scientific level readers in the field of Agricultural Machinery and its related equipment (theoretical and applied principles). It is mainly aimed to publish the scientific achievements researchers. The Journal interests to publish the latest research results of scientists in the field of designing, manufacturing and evaluating of various agricultural machinery and equipment, and the mechanization and management of machinery in agricultural, horticultural, livestock and post-harvesting equipment. This will hopefully promote precision and modern agriculture through targeted research.

The priority and policy of the Journal of Agricultural Machinery is considered as follows:

  • To promote applied and fundamental researches in the application of new technologies for the localization and advancement of machinery and equipment on farm and off-farm.
  • To promote practical methods of using renewable energies in the agricultural sector.
  • To provide practical solutions for introducing precision agriculture to the relevant countries, and harmonized with other advanced agricultural societies.