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Thank you for agreeing to review a manuscript for the Journal of Agricultural Machinery.

First of all we thank for your kind cooperation with our journal, herby we would like to inform you that due to the change in the journal's website, you must use a password reset once to enter the site.

If you do not receive a reset email, notify the journal’s office by phone or email so that a new password can be sent to you. All respected reviewers of the journal when entering their profile for the first time are kindly asked to carefully complete their personal information, especially organizational affiliation, ORCID ID, area of research interest(s), as well as their bank account information.

If an article submitted to you for review, is not fit in your research interest or you do not have the opportunity to review, be sure to inform us and introduce some alternative reviewers if possible.

When reviewing articles, please answer the questions on the reviewing form, and if you leave a comment on the file of the article, make sure that your name is not visible in the comments.

Publication Ethics for Reviewers

See the Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement for the Journal of Agricultural Machinery Guidelines in this page.

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